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Problems Without Kanban

Here in this section, we want to briefly touch to typical challenges of an information work ecosystem that doesn't take the benefits of the Kanban framework.

  • A negligent employee can be rewarded for speed, while he or she is causing expensive impediments due to incomplete deliverables.
  • Teams participate in an extreme number of meetings concerning planning and processes.
  • Delivery dates shift as requirements change; projects are rescheduled continuously, which requires extra planning and meetings.
  • Quality goes unchecked for weeks or months, which produces a large volume of rework to fulfill even minimum quality expectations from stakeholders.
  • Teams spend substantial time doing tasks that are unassociated to providing value to their clients.
  • Problems age for months, if not years, before they are discovered, understood, and rectified.

These are only a few of downward spirals and vicious cycles almost every business and every professional live with.

Gartner estimates that companies worldwide waste yearly about 600 billion USD for non-budgeted and non-scheduled IT maintenance work to keep revenue-generating IT systems up and running.

To express this number with digits to see how it looks like: $600,000,000,000.-

As it should be apparent for you until this moment, this level of waste in a highly cognitive field such as information work and information technology is not easy to grasp.

That is a great challenge to tackle. Kanban has some answers for some organizations, maybe for your organization too.

Given that, your organization is ready to explore, learn, and change transparently.

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Problems Without Kanban

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