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Reviews and Industry Feedback

Love this organization, fast and efficient help with anything I need! Truly blessed to know them

Gabor Gaspar, Chief Executive Officer at Docler Media, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

It has been a fantastic experience with getting this certification. The Scrum Institute provides you all the information and tips to get Scrum knowledge successfully.

Watching Scrum Institute in action is a valuable learning experience by itself because most of the champion companies in their domains apply these types of professional services that drive benefits to their clients.

And Scrum Institute is the best and only education provider which continuously cares about its students. They go the extra mile to teach us and prepare us the life with Scrum process rather than repeating dry theories and boring dogmas!

Francisco Gonzalez, IBM, Certified more than 2,400 IBM Employees with Scrum Institute's Scrum Certification Programs

The service is quick, precise, and fulfilling. I especially like the book, “Scrum Framework”. It’s easy, practical, and can be used immediately in a working scenario. I created a PowerPoint Scrum starter kit for a general introduction and the framework content is spot on. I found the test challenging but laid out very well. The money-back-guarantee made this rise above its competitors. I finished the test on my time, at home, passed the first time, and no issues. I would recommend this to anyone.

Trent Fallin, Sr. Project Manager, Scrum Master at Acoustic, Virginia, USA

Let me be clear.
International Scrum Institute offers the best professional development and certification programs we have ever seen.

Amanda Conne, VP Employee Experience, MobileIron International,
trained and certified his team with International Scrum Institute’s Programs

Awesome training content, Competent and quick support team. I am really pleased with this overall experience.
It is for me very clear that you do the best work in scrum training and certification industry.

Ahmed Samir Abd El-Hamid, Software Engineer,,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

The Scrum Institute's study programs and certifications have been extremely beneficial in my career, showcasing for potential employers my expertise and competence in the Scrum domain.
This has helped me secure interviews as well as land Agile based project management roles.

Kenneth White, Sr. Global Program Manager, Flatirons Solutions,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Team Member Accredited Certifications

I decided to start with International Scrum Institute. A determining fact, I could deepen my knowledge on their well focused free book (The Scrum Framewoek).
International Scrum Institute truly surprised me! Not only with the quickness (few hours) and accuracy with the help for my support requests, but most of all by the very focused and really helpful answers I got!
International Scrum Institute showed not only care for the customer, but an evident on-field knowledge of Scrum daily practice.

Michael Forni, former Product Manager, Esox Informatica Group (ITA/ROM), now Agile Coach & Mentor, Nextar Group (UK),
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Coach Accredited Certifications

I am a Software Developer with a passion for testing, especially automated testing. For the last 10 years I have worked in teams using various flavors of agile development methodologies. Recently, I was thinking of a way to test my agile know-how. I even considered the option to attend expensive classrooms in order to get access to online examination and getting certified afterwards.
Fortunately, in my online search I discovered the International Scrum Institute. Your excellent free online training materials helped me structure and organize my existing knowledge about Scrum and rounding some rough edges I had in my understanding. In 2 days fully dedicated to study I have successfully completed the requirements of Scrum Master Accredited Certification, Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification, and Scrum Certification for Java Developer. I achieved the aforementioned certifications for a small fraction of the classroom training costs out there.
Thank you International Scrum Institute for doing such a great job at super reasonable prices!

Mircea Cocosila, Software Developer in Test, Ethoca Canada,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications and Scrum Certification for Java Developer

Cutting-edge, insightful, enormously valuable certification programs.
Extremely well structured and tailored to the Scrum Master and Product Owner needs. An outstanding achievement! It has given me a lot of food for thought. I am inspired to rethink the way I work with Scrum.
I definitely recommend them! Thank you very much!

Ionut Mirel Grecu, Team Leader, SC Continental Automotive SRL,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

I was looking to add the Scrum Master Certification to my skills. I was looking for convenience, low cost and a recognized name that would hold up in the industry. I came across the International Scrum Institute during my research and it met all of my criteria. I applied and self studied for a few days and took the test. I passed on the first try.
I am now recognized as a worldwide Scrum Master. Couldn't have been easier. Thank you International Scrum Institute for helping me on my career journey.

Bruce Johnson, Sr. Agile Project Manager and Analyst, Osprey Software Inc.,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

The learning content on your web portal is really great and easy to understand. Scrum Institute helped me a lot to quickly comprehend the Scrum concepts.
I will definitely recommend your web portal and Scrum Certifications to my colleagues and friends. Everything about your Scrum Certification Examination was also great.

Sanjivani Peter, Quality Assurance Analyst, Multinational US Bank,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Scrum is our in-house project management methodology, and it is the one nominated by our customers all over the South American region. As a consultancy & training enterprise, we have chosen International Scrum Institute to reinforce our own regional SCRUM training programs. The strategy, of having such an excellent international partner like International Scrum Institute, has been proved as being the correct one to win more accounts and increase our customer satisfaction.

Daniel Raúl Sachi, Director General, RiskOut International,
provides International Scrum Institute's certifications to his clients and trainees

Wanted to thank your organization for providing this service!
I needed to get up and running quickly on SCRUM and the online training and testing came very useful. I received all three certifications in less than half a day, and I learned a lot.

Terumi Laskowsky, Credo Security Solutions LLC,
acquired Scrum Master/Product Owner/Team Member Accredited Certifications

The lifetime Scrum certification from your institute is really simple, easy and worth to its online registration, reading material and the test. The diagrams explain all aspects of Scrum very clearly leaving no room for doubts.
I got a thorough overview of the concepts which I'm rather sure of retaining (for lifetime!) and could relate to the real-projects well. As Consultants we have been doing projects along similar lines. The concepts tie these activities and roles into a Scrum framework that is more appreciated by the industry.
I wish International Scrum Institute many more such achievements in the future. Everything exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend International Scrum Institute to others who want to either complement their experience with certification or begin Scrum projects after certification.
Overall, this is my best online certification experience so far!

Madhavi C. Vasanta, VP, Pagwon Consulting,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

It has been a pleasure working with International Scrum Institute. They supported us to develop and certify our Scrum knowhow fast and cost-effectively.

Jan R. Crowley, DHL,
trained and certified his team with International Scrum Institute’s Programs

Scrum is a highly efficient framework to keep the team always focused on the overall objectives and deliverables of the project and to drive the everyday tasks of software engineering and software project management in line with the business objectives. International Scrum Institute assured us to have right and certified talents in our Scrum teams.

James Ward, American Fuel Corp.,
acquired Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification

Licensing with a Scrum Master Accredited Certification from International Scrum Institute is one of the most reasonable choices I have ever done. It lets me convince and win my clients. In return I help them to truly understand, digest and apply Scrum.

Stephan Ross, Freelance Scrum Master,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

I have completed my Scrum Master Certification 3.5 years ago and we were implementing Scrum since 2010. I have been acting as Scrum master prior to certification, but thanks to International Scrum Institute after getting my Scrum Certification I feel more empowered and my confidence as Scrum Master increased tremendously. Now I am able to lead retrospectives, and able to estimate and plan better, and perfectly equipped to deal with conflicts. More importantly, I expanded my career opportunities with Scrum Master Accredited Certification Program from International Scrum Institute.

Narsimha Reddy Sudini, Architect - Oracle Apps SCM, Genpact,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Although we called it "Scrum", our old process has been heavily customized for the working habits of my project leaders and subject matter experts. After having hired our new team members certified from International Scrum Institute, we had an outstanding capacity to first start using Scrum methodology as it is and then iteratively customize and adapt it in each Sprint.

Ian Hancock, Motorola,
hired Professionals certified with Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Acquiring Scrum Master Accredited Certification has met and exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation to recommend International Scrum Institute’s Scrum Certification Programs to any other company or individual.

Johannes Portman, Vodafone,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

From my past experience working in Agile methodologies like Scrum, DSDM & XP since 2005 in IT industry it was a great option to make this Scrum certification with Scrum Institute.
The way International Scrum Institute provided their outstanding Certification Programs and made Scrum education and certification accessible to all IT Practitioners is quiet amazing. Their professional Scrum education content was made available to the applicants which can be accessed even without enrolling for the certification program. Also from perspective of knowledge gain which should be basic intent of the certification, I find this option great to evaluate your skills without any mandate or pre requisite. Thanks International Scrum Institute because you made this great experience possible for me.

Nikhil Garg, Process Manager, Haufe-umantis AG,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Thanks for such a great online Certification Program at a reasonable price! It wasn't easy to find a tailored Scrum Certification Program which lets me prove my professional experience and personal education in Scrum era.

Roland Coates, Credit Suisse,
acquired Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification

First of all I want to thank for your site that I learnt quite a lot. I think, your content is very complete and gave us enough support to comprehend Scrum methodology. Nowadays I am implementing Scrum Methodology in my project, and thanks to your training program I quickly realized where I am doing good, where I can further improve. Your program contributed huge benefit to my knowhow and experience.

Alejandro Rafael Alfaro Soto, BDG SA,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

You have a great website and to complete the certification is a breeze. The material is great, registration is easy and the test is very thought provoking.

Sai Sajja, Business Analyst-Private,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

I have taken the Scrum Master and Product Owner, Six-Sigma certification courses, and more recently the Project Management certification. I passed all the exams the first time, thanks to the awesome instructions and organized materials. I believe the quality of the course outline, greatly helped me to prepare for the type of questions on the exam. Certifications are a very good way of ensuring everyone reaches a common level of understanding. At the end of the day, it basically comes down to certifications being an internationally recognized credential. If you can put that on your resume, you'll have a competitive edge over another individual who doesn't have it. Thank you for preparing me for these exams and for your encouragement and support to succeed! I highly recommend taking your certification courses to anyone wishing to advance in the corporate ladder!

Lloyd Bumanglag, Guthy Renker, LLC, California USA,
acquired Scrum Master/Product Owner, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Project Manager Certifications

Scrum is the foundation for Agility. As it fosters empiricism and focuses on principles over practices.
International Scrum Institute is doing great work by advocating Scrum and spreading the framework to broader audience.

Nagesh Sharma, Enterprise Agile Coach, Prowareness,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

I received the Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner certifications from the International Scrum Institute. Prior to obtaining these certifications, I had several successful projects and other certifications in project management field.
Yet I wanted to learn more about the Scrum methodology. I had heard that Scrum was more productive than the typical waterfall project methodology, which was often late and used the time-consuming Gantt charts. However, I didn't want to waste another $400 (plus the cost of training and materials) for another test. And some other organisations wanted even more. As many people realise, it can often be costly for any type of training and associated certification.
I looked at several different Scrum organisations before finally deciding on the International Scrum Institute. And, I'm really glad that I did. What I found was a course that was able to quickly provide me the relevant information that I needed at an affordable cost.
More people and organisations are already doing very well to take advantage of the Scrum Institute's affordable rates and expertise in its course materials.
I appreciate all that you're doing out there. Thanks again.

Mark Farrell, HQ Business Intelligence, United States Postal Service,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

We all know that how Scrum methodology is nowadays highly demanded in IT industry. To gain some knowledge and to update my skills, I wanted to learn more about Agile and Scrum. I was looking for a provider to really test my knowledge and skills. Thanks for such a great online Certification Program at a very reasonable price, I have completed and received Scrum Team Member, Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications from International Scrum Institute within a month. Online free materials that you are providing are also great reference for Scrum methodology which explains the topics in a concise but still detailed way. A big advantage of the certifications offered by International Scrum Institute is that these certifications are valid for lifetime. Thanks for everything!

Sangram Kumar Das, Lead QA, TrueBlue India IT Private Limited,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Team Member Accredited Certifications

I just got off the phone and received a job offer as Senior Project Manager / Scrum Master. The certifications I received from the really made a difference in differentiating me from the other candidates. Especially the dual certifications for Scrum Master Accredited Certification (SMAC) and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification (SPOAC). My new company is fairly new to Scrum and they feel that: Me as Scrum Master I can also help them to coach the new Product Owners there as they embrace their new duties. Additionally having obtained my Accredited Project Manager (APRM™) from IO4PM helped to provide them with sufficient proof that I had the right skill set to lead the team in developing their new Enterprise software platform.
Even though I have been in software development for many years - until I found I never had any certifications. I want to thank you for your efforts in developing your training material and offering these certifications as they surely made a big difference in my future. I hope that more people make good use of this opportunity.

Peter Schmidt, Research and Development Project Manager, Siemens,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

My experience with International Scrum Institute is that: Everything is a lean process either while studying for a certification or while taking the exams itself. Steps, training material and exams are very clear and give us conditions to apply Scrum knowledge right after examinations. No doubts are left behind. Comprehensive.
Very glad to be onboarded onto this privileged group of professionals.

Roberto Navas Pinheiro, IT and Operations Project Manager, Rabobank,
acquired Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification

I have been working for three years as Project Leader / Scrum Master. Since I got my Scrum Master Certification from International Scrum Institute, I receive two times or even more requests for Scrum Master Positions. Plus I didn't have to pay a lot of money for a several days boring classroom training. Thanks to International Scrum Institute I could go in my own pace from home.

Gabor Robert Sterczl, Software Project Lead / Scrum Master, GE Healthcare,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

These days, a certification is becoming a check mark that is becoming increasingly needed to market yourself and prove to prospective employers that you have the skills to accomplish the job, and it is anyone's guess as to what will be the next required skill or certification demanded to do the same job that you have been doing for decades. This is a very expensive proposition for those of us who were leads, project managers, program managers, IT managers and department managers long before certifications were popular especially when we have families. I already had a master of science degree and held multiple certifications before I took the International Scrum Institute’s Certifications. But I chose to also go to the International Scrum Institute and took two Certifications, Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner. I have been involved with Agile project and product development efforts since the mid to late 1990s, years before the term Agile was coined. What impressed me with the International Scrum Institute is that they are concerned with the student successfully understanding the concepts and material in a meaningful way, and the certification cost is affordable. I have already recommended it to several of the project managers and junior project managers who work for me.

David Masamitsu, Program Manager, Edwards Lifesciences, First American Corporation, St Joseph Health, Kaiser Permanente PAS,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

International Scrum Institute assisted me to gain valuable certifications in Agile Scrum. Their Project Management and Six Sigma offerings are also great. I also find their Testing Institute's curriculum to be valuable to my employees.
Scrum Institute and their affiliated entities really puts you in a different league.

Joel Oosthuizen, Senior Consultant: Agile, Deloitte,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

I have completed three Scrum Certifications from International Scrum-Institute. The material provided for each certification was very informative and helpful to prepare for the certifications. Scrum Institute allowed me to take the certification examinations multiple times when I failed, which is not the case with most of the other certification providers.

Kranthi Ram Nagelli, Test Lead, Tech Mahindra,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Team Member Accredited Certifications

I would like to recommend Scrum Training certifications offered by International Scrum Institute as it is one of the unique certifications offered by any institute as the training is offered online and training is offered free of cost. Moreover certification cost is very reasonable and affordable compared to other institutes offering Scrum certifications. Big advantage of the certifications offered by International Scrum Institute is that these certifications are valid life long. I really appreciate the efforts put together by their operations lead Yeliz Obergfell and her team to make this happen. Thanks Yeliz and the team. Great job.

Dipash Kumar, Senior Business Analyst / Scrum Master, BCLC,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Team Member Accredited Certifications

I met with Scrum back in 2011 and got my certification in 2012 on International Scrum Institute. Since then, just mentioning that I am a Scrum Master was always a raise around 20% at salary during any job interview. And I actually won many interviews at the time so I just could pick the place that I like. Right now, just 4 years after my certification I'm being contacted at least twice a month by top headhunters and top brand companies are trying to hunt me. My daily rates are not really moderate, but the companies are still fighting to employ me. Scrum Certification Program from International Scrum Institute really opened my successful career. Now I work as a Head of Scrum, coaching Project Managers, doing Agile transitions of big and successful market leaders. Thanks for that.

Bohdan Fejtek, Senior Scrum Master / Agile Coach, Summit Media,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

I took the free online training and took the scrum certification from International Scrum Institute. I thought it could help me to have a better professional growth, this was a plan for a medium term. But it was such a surprise that only 2 months later I have started to receive offers from the market, it was awesome. All was related to that certification. I’m having a lot of learning and professional experiences and all of this was triggered because the great Scrum Master Certification Program from International Scrum Institute.

Jair Jafeth Ortiz Marroquin, Scrum Master / Agile Team Lead, Accenture,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Since 2013 I have been a freelancer working with scrum practice. International Scrum institute has actually helped me save my money and solved my problem of getting Scrum Certification degrees recognised by our industry. Thanks for this great opportunity. Good Job!

Dr. Nguzo Uche, Managing Director, Agile Network Services,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

With the Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master certifications from the International Scrum Institute it has enabled me to grow my own personal brand within the business. This has lead to new networks being created. With the addition of the Scrum Coach and Scrum Trainer certifications this will further enhance my profile and hopefully lead to a learning and development engagement within the business.

Mike Lazell, Specialist Infrastructure Engineer, Cisco Systems,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

I am very grateful for and I sincerely recommend the certification programs from International Scrum Institute. These Scrum certification programs helped me take few steps further in my career goals this year. They strengthened my knowledge in my job as a professional trainer, and I would love to take other certification programs from them. In terms of registration and other certifications I hope to greet you soon again and thank you for everything!

Arturo Robles Manzano, Scrum Trainer, MTP Mexico,
acquired Scrum Trainer Accredited Certification

I wanted to learn more about Agile and Scrum and was looking for a method to really test my knowledge and skills. The Scrum Master Accredited Certification through International Scrum Institute was very well thought out material, easy to read and understand. It was well organized and I was actually tested on the material versus getting an automatic pass. I still reference the materials and diagrams from the content. It has made a huge impact on how I organize my projects and has helped improve the productivity on the team I’m working on. It has increased our ability to deliver better quality software and allowed me to better understand my role on several IT Agile teams.

Emily Regan, Sr. Agile IT BA, Financial Services Industry,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Training is simple, cost effective and flexible to fit within my consulting workload.

Leanne Howard, Agile Practices Consultant, PlanIT Australia,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification and trains her corporate customers with Scrum Institute Certifications

Scrum Product Owner Certification made me a more complete Scrum professional, becoming a reference to the company's Project Managers team. I am Project Manager and I also work as a Program Manager in one of the largest companies in Brazil, and the agile methodology helps me mix with the waterfall methodology, applying best practices to the company's reality. Product Owner Certification from Scrum Institute made me have the Product Owner vision, not just the Scrum Master that I already had, but it taught me about backlog prioritization, writing user stories and about the responsibilities of the most important role of the Scrum framework, Product Owner, the visionary and entrepreneur of the team. The material available is well sufficient for the exam and very useful for questions about concepts. I highly recommend this certification which changed my way of thinking Scrum, and it can also change your career too.

Leandro Reis, Senior IT Project Manager, CAAD Tecnologia, EMBRAER SA,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certifications

Just wanted to share how grateful I am for the International Scrum Institute! Because of the simplicity and ability to do this online, I received my Scrum Team Member Certification, and will be pursuing the Scrum Master certification soon.
International Scrum Institute helps individuals advance their skills and knowledge in their career path!

Cheryl A Sanchez, Sr Project Manager at BMO Harris,
acquired Scrum Team Member Accredited Certification

Training and learning with Scrum Institute changed my outlook towards my day-to-day work. When I got certified as scrum master, fortunately I was immediately pulled into an agile project. Thanks to the concepts I learned from International Scrum Institute, people highly appreciated my ability to break down project challenges into smaller user stories and to build highly sustainable release plans.
In the end I managed to deliver very successful federal regulatory SOA projects.
I love Agile way of implementation not only in business life but also in personal life.
Big Credits go to Scrum Institute for their quick and competent support. Special thanks to Yeliz Obergfell for her timely and comprehensive responses.

Nandkishore Sawant, SQA Leader, Syntel consulting Inc,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Fast, convenient and very complete!!... Taking Certifications from International SCRUM Institute helped me improve my team work, administration and leadership skills.

Rafael Hernandez, Scrum Master, Anzen Digital,
acquired Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification

Scrum Certification Programs from International Scrum Institute helped me become more knowledgeable in my field and they have been a valuable experience. Its unique and lean certification process provides something which really does not exist else where in the market. Your programs helped me increase my credibility in the industry. Thanks a lot!

Daniel Ifon, Operations Manager, Stellar Group,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification

As a project management professional, I have been searching for certifications which are internationally accredited and also affordable. Most certifications out there are either costly or lack of recognition.
I am pretty thankful that I have found two great certification bodies: International Scrum Institute and International Organization for Project Management. With great price I am able to challenge myself with well designed exam questions and to show the employers my expertise with verified certifications in the fields of Scrum and Project Management.
Thanks to them I am now an accredited scrum coach and program manager. I strongly recommend International Scrum Institute and IO4PM - International Organization for Project Management certification programs to those who are working or interested in Scrum and Project Management fields.

Chien-Chang (David) Chen, Scrum Coach, Project Manager, Boston Management & Consulting, LLC.,
acquired Scrum Coach and Project Management Accredited Certifications

The Scrum Institute's study programs and certifications have been extremely beneficial in my career. You simply offer the best platform and service in the world to gain knowledge. You gave people a brilliant opportunity to show and prove their strength and competence in the Scrum Domain. Best part is quick and competent support during entire certification experience. Yeliz Obergfell's pro-active suggestions and guidance helped me quickly choose appropriate certification degrees which already enhanced the value of my resume. I will definitely recommend your study guides and certification programs from International Scrum Institute and International Software Test Institute.

Rakesh Vetagire, Senior Business Analyst, AMBC Technologies,
acquired Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Software Test Manager Accredited Certifications

It was a wonderful experience to study and get my certification with It's very organized and reliable, all the training materials helped so much to pass the certification examination.
Thank you very much! Great Work...

Oliveira Cristiano, Application Developer, IBM Brasil,
acquired Scrum Master Accredited Certification and Scrum Certification for Web Developer

Loons Lab is an innovation prone software company. We follow agile methodologies in software development since we believe agile as the best method to deliver a great value to our clients. When working as scrum teams, correct application of scrum methodologies by our development teams was the main challenge for us. While we were trying out solutions with different methods by going through so many trainings and certifications we came across International Scrum Institute™, and we believe Scrum Institute™ is the most viable and aligned scrum educator we came across. Since early 2016 we worked in collaboration with Scrum Institute™ to ensure that the quality of agile methodologies followed by our developers, scrum masters and product owners are up to the highest level.
I can truly confirm and acknowledge that with the Scrum Certification Degrees from International Scrum Institute, my teams got the opportunity to successfully demonstrate our abilities to deliver great software products which span requirements analysis, design, development, test, documentations, maintenance, operations and other various typical software engineering practices.
Thanks to the Scrum Institute, the overall Scrum knowledge of our development teams enabled them to deliver great results, particularly in Scrum Software Engineering and Delivery framework. We highly recommend our teams to follow practical training guidebooks provided by Scrum Institute™ and also we encourage the teams to follow the certifications as well. On behalf of the Loons team I would like to pay our sincere gratitude for the International Scrum Institute for providing successful education and certifications for our development teams.

Pulani Ranasinghe, Vice President, Loons Lab,
trains and certifies her teams with International Scrum Institute™'s Scrum Certification Programs

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