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Implement Kanban Feedback Loops

Demands from our business stakeholders get more challenging. Those demands change not only in terms of functional and non-function features but also their requirements related to time, budget, and quality.

To fulfill client needs and make them happy, our Kanban teams must enable quick, constant, and secure feedback loops from right to left in our Kanban workflow.

These feedback loops enable Kanban teams to promptly resolve impediments while they are tiny, inexpensive, and straightforward to eliminate.

Feedback loops create an enterprise knowledge practice while a Kanban team performs its tasks.

When errors occur, a Kanban team takes them as chances to gain new knowledge and increase the quality of software products and services they provide.

Why Does A Kanban Team Require Built-In Quality Assurance By Kanban Feedback Loops?

In software engineering, you are so far pretty clear that in a complex system, no one can know everything.

Even doing the same tasks twice does not yield the same results. Because this level of ambiguity of results is not sustainable in any market, companies build control and reliance on quality assurance.

Nonetheless, all these devices are not sufficient enough to circumvent errors and incidents.

Therefore, building an enterprise culture that makes products and services with built-in quality begins by acknowledging errors and deploying feedback loops to highlight them.

Identify Errors in Kanban Workflow While They Happen

If the feedback mechanism in Kanban workflow is late and rare, it is also slow and costly to counteract unwanted results. The goal of our Kanban team is to build fast feedback loops. When the work moves from left to right in Kanban workflow, it needs to continually provide feedback from right to left. Doing work with quality in your Kanban organization is all about building fast and reliable feedback loops.

When an issue happens, the Kanban team identifies it while it is the first time occurring in your Kanban workflow. Kanban team promptly fixes it, and the team continuously verifies the correlation between client expectations and the deliverables, so the Kanban team can fulfill these expectations and satisfy its clients.

Kanban feedback cycles do not only make it possible to remove impediments quickly, but they also help the Kanban team to learn from them and prevent those errors from happening in the future again.

Never Shift Quality Control Decisions Away From The Kanban Team

Pushing decisions about quality controls away from the Kanban team where the actual work is performed decreases quality, extends delivery lead times, reduces the health of feedback between cause and effect, and ultimately reduces the ability of your Kanban team to learn from their mistakes.

Kanban team members should be identifying, learning, fixing, and teaching about errors in their area of influence. Pair programming, peer reviews, automated testing, an inspection of code check-ins, internal checkpoints, widespread demonstrations should make quality assurance the accountability of the Kanban team instead of the sole liability of a dedicated and external quality assurance department.

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Implement Kanban Feedback Loops

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