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Yeliz Obergfell
Vice President - Student Experience At International Scrum Institute™

What Is The Kanban Framework Audiobook?

  • It is NOT just another "Kanban" training material.

  • It is NOT an audiobook that repeats the dry Kanban theory though it will help you get a lot better understanding about the practical use of Kanban theory (even if you are not that much experienced in the Kanban Framework right now).

  • It is NOT an audiobook about how to raise your salary with the help of Kanban, though it will give you the know-how and negotiation power of game-changers, which will help you radically increase your position and income.

  • It is NOT an audiobook about career advice though it will help you become a lot more successful in your job interviews. Which means it will enable exciting career chances for you as it has done for our hundreds of thousands of students so far.

The Kanban Framework Audio Is A Shortcut!

The Kanban Framework Audio is a smart shortcut to help you learn the Kanban Framework (Really Fast and Without Hassle).

It is a 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 27 seconds of the original recording of our renowned training book, the Kanban Framework. It was produced in 192 kBit/sec High-Quality audio recording. Yet, you can easily store and listen to the audiobook from your laptop, desktop computer, and mobile phone as the file size is only about 151 MBytes.

Did you know the shocking truth? Nine out of ten people read only half of a book in a full 365-day period, and they never finish it! It's true. So they FAIL miserably to build new skills, upgrade themselves, and reach their full potential and end up asking why they're not as successful as they wanted to be.

Do you wonder if successful people are only good at self-marketing themselves, or are they just good at doing what they do, so they deserve titles, offices, and paychecks they possess? If that sounds like your experience, then trust me, you're not alone. I have been there too. Let me share with you a few thoughts I have learned over the last 20 years of helping professionals.

HERE's the problem we face: Most people think that reading a book is so time-consuming and takes so long they can't imagine spending their limited free time reading books.

Which means most of us don't BUILD marketable skills and DIFFERENTIATE from the crowd to get us HIRED and PROMOTED or deserve PAY RAISES?

Let's not underestimate the significance of building your skills or brushing up your existing skills in the Kanban Framework. Regardless of your level of experience, the consequences of not taking good care of yourself and mastering your craftsmanship in the Kanban Framework are severe.

If you're a new graduate or a younger professional, not discovering the Kanban Framework means for you missing out on a fantastic jumpstart to your profitable career.

If you're a seasoned professional, not reskilling yourself and mastering in the Kanban Framework means taking an immense risk while you want to preserve your influence, added value, and position in your organization.

Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to a quick-listen audiobook that is changing the way everybody learns and masters in the Kanban Framework forever.

A Quick Summary Of What You're Going To DISCOVER From Your Kanban Framework Audiobook Today:

  • 09min 26sec: What is the Kanban Framework? What makes Kanban an EFFICIENT system to support running development and production systems as a whole and why it is an EXCELLENT way to PROMOTE process improvements.

  • 11min 49sec: What are three powerful frameworks which BUILT the foundation of the Kanban framework? Why should you carefully PAY attention to them? So you can clearly SEE why the "pull" modus operandi is superior to the "push" modus operandi in agile development and delivery processes.

  • 17min 44sec: What are Kanban cards? GET the instant recipe to CONSTRUCT the most effective Kanban cards. So you can COMMAND and MANAGE day-to-day activities of your projects confidently.

  • 20min 20sec: Why Kanban boards are among the MOST CRITICAL elements of the Kanban framework? So you can UNDERSTAND that a Kanban board is what is going to MAKE or BREAK your individual application of the Kanban process. Which means you will NEVER STRUGGLE to BUILD a fluent workflow to SERVE your internal and external clients and stakeholders.

  • 24min 01sec: What is the Kanban development methodology? What kind of projects do you use it for? So you can BUILD an unmistakable understanding of what you DO, and you DON'T DO with the Kanban Framework!

  • 28min 37sec: What kind of E-Kanban software or E-Kanban boards should you rely on? Which means you can subtly SPEED UP and INCREASE the efficiency of your Kanban projects, even if you or your team are just starting with the Kanban framework.

  • 30min 25sec: DISCOVER your tasks and, most importantly, ACTING and THINKING attributes of primary Kanban responsibilities, including the Kanban Expert, and Kanban Project Manager. So you can unmistakenly CHOOSE which Kanban responsibilities best fit your professional and personal strengths. Which means YOUR QUICKER CAREER BOOST without wasting your time!

  • 36min 08min: FIND OUT how the Kanban framework administers, plans, and operates the Kanban workflow. Which means you WON'T WASTE energy with dry theory but learn primary concepts that will immediately MAKE you the go-to girl or go-to guy of your Kanban Team!

  • 37min 55sec: DISCOVER that you can only improve what you are focusing on. Key Kanban metrics you choose to assess the performance of your Kanban workflow are not an exception to this critical rule. So you can undoubtedly MONITOR and ASSESS how the Kanban Framework operates, even if you've had no past experience with it!

  • 41min 12sec: What are the proven essential Kanban practices and how to implement them in your own Kanban project? So you can clearly RECOGNIZE the underlying principles and powerhouse, which makes you and your use of the Kanban Framework SUCCEED!

  • 47min 14sec: Why does the Kanban framework put a strong emphasis on Limiting the Work In Progress (WIP)? So you can surely MASTER how the Kanban Framework differentiates from other project management and scheduling frameworks!

  • 49min 21sec: DO's and DONT's to make the most out of your Explicit Kanban Policies. So you can AVOID common MISTAKES and massively INCREASE the productivity of your Kanban Team!

  • 53min 06sec: What are essential TIPS and TECHNIQUES to DEVELOP built-in and continuous Kanban feedback loops? So you can enable the Controlling, Inspect, and Adapt mechanisms of the Kanban teams? Which means you can systematically IDENTIFY the anomalies in your kanban workflow without frustrating your clients and stakeholders!

  • 64min 48sec: DISCOVER the similarities and differences of Kanban vs Scrum. UNDERSTAND how Kanban and Scrum frameworks can COMPLEMENT each other rather than being in Scrum vs Kanban competition. So you can instantly ENVISION how requirements are strategically turned into products that your clients will love!

  • 71min 03sec: What were the problems WITHOUT the Kanban framework in our companies? How did the Kanban Framework address them? So you COLLECT strong arguments for how you convince your company about the SERIOUSNESS and URGENCY for an Agile Kanban transformation. Your employer and clients deserve to be informed about the costs and adverse effects of IGNORING the Kanban Framework, even if they don't seem to be ready for a change yet!

  • 76min 43sec: DISCOVER ESSENTIAL BEST PRACTICES that work ridiculously well when you start with the Kanban framework in your project or organization. So you can DELIVER immense value to your employers and clients by passionately reducing the costs and improving throughput for them!

  • 80min 26sec: Finally, you have your chance to MASTER the art and science of the Scaled Kanban Framework (Scaling the Kanban Framework). Which means you can OPERATE larger Kanban projects conveniently, even if your Kanban Team members are distributed in geographically separate locations!

  • 84min 33sec: FIND OUT not much spoken, but extremely important LESSONS LEARNED after tens of thousands of applications of the Kanban framework. Which means UNDERSTANDING the practical use of the Kanban Framework will NO LONGER BE an after-thought once your Kanban initiative got started.

  • 85min 51sec: Next Steps after learning the Kanban Framework And MUCH MUCH More!...

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

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