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Scrum Master Salary in the United States and WorldWide

International Scrum Institute™
Last Updated: January, 11th 2024

Scrum Master Salary Scrum Salaries & Compensation Jobs, Salary & Experience is US

Unraveling the mystery of Scrum Master salaries, with job titles varying from project manager to coach, we dive deep into data pools and surveys from around the United States of America and globe to decode your earnings potential. As we explore this complex lens of income in Agile project management, shaping the education of salary expectations becomes key.

This comprehensive blog post navigates through the complex territory of Scrum Master salary ranges, providing a comparative picture across industries, and jobs, from the project manager to a coach, and geographies. Whether you're an experienced Scrum Master with a bachelor's degree seeking a competitive salary or a curious newcomer making early career choices, this guide illuminates your path towards financial recognition as this crucial cog in Agile project management.

The average salary for a Scrum Master in the United States is $113,381 per year; however, it's important to note that Scrum Master salaries, even for the same job title, can vary based on factors such as years of experience, industry, location, and company size. Let's consider the case of a client who is a Scrum Master in CA, earning over $110k, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in his project management. Now, his earning in CA can be different when compared to PA, FL, NY, or TX, affected by cost of living and enterprise demand. It's always advisable to research current market trends and consult reliable sources specific to your region for the most accurate information.

Average Salary for Scrum Masters

Understanding the salary ranges for a role as a Scrum Master is crucial to determine your value and the competitiveness of the industry. According to a survey of over 10,000 Scrum Masters, encompassing various job titles and employees in the United States including those from TX and NY, the average salary for this position is $108,026.

You might be wondering if you fall within this salary range. It's essential to look at different factors that affect salaries like roles, from project manager to coach, and experience, along with your education.

  • According to data from early this month, the average salary for a Scrum Master in the United States is approximately $113,381 per year.
  • A study showed that Scrum Masters can earn bonuses averaging at $7,443.40 each year additionally, increasing their total annual income significantly.
  • Payscale reports that beginning professionals in this field earn about $76,622.85 annually on average, while senior Scrum Masters managing sensitive and complex projects can potentially reach around $168,807.28 annually in total pay.

Impact of Roles and Experience

The complexity and responsibilities of a Scrum Master's role vary depending on the company size, industry, and experience. For instance, those working on smaller projects in the role of a project manager may have significantly less responsibility than those working on larger projects, possibly as a coach, with more team members.

Higher-level roles such as Head of Product or Director are compensated differently compared to junior-level positions due to their impact on the company's bottom line, revenue and sales. Additionally, the number of years that someone has worked in jobs within an Agile framework, possibly with a bachelor's degree, also plays an integral part in determining their income.

To help illustrate how these different variables can impact your salary as a Scrum Master, let's take a closer look at some data of employees working in various roles:

Years Of ExperienceAverage Salary
Less than 1 year$72,292
1–4 years$91,407
5–9 years$111,147
10–19 years$126,937
20 or more years$131,882

As we can see from the table above, experienced Scrum Masters, be it a project manager or coach, tend to earn significantly more than those starting in their careers.

Understanding how your job title and experience affect your earning potential is essential when it comes to negotiating salary.

However, should experience always determine salary? Shouldn't other factors be considered – such as effectiveness, team morale, or innovation?

For many companies, a Scrum Master's value is determined by more than just their years of experience or whether they possess a bachelor's degree. Depending on the company, other factors like Agile Project Management skills, Project Planning capabilities, Stakeholder Management aptitude, Risk and Issue Management expertise as well as the technical ability of employees may also influence their pay.

Ultimately, salaries for jobs as diverse as project manager to a coach are influenced by various complex factors that cannot be encapsulated in simple terms. When looking to compare your pay range with others in the same industry, whether it be in Miami, Houston, or even Minneapolis, you must consider multiple data points from a variety of job titles to get an accurate picture. Remember to also use contextual information, particularly when comparing salaries across different cities.

Salary Differences by Location

When it comes to Scrum Master salaries, it's no secret that certain cities and parts of the country, like CA, or perhaps established tech hubs like Orlando, Philadelphia, and even IL, offer higher compensation for Scrum Masters than others. According to recent data, the best-paying cities in the United States, from a broad perspective of job roles, are Fort Collins, Seattle, Colorado, New York City, and the Greater Boulder Area. These locations offer competitive pay rates and a host of job opportunities for roles ranging from project manager to a coach. Meanwhile, Scrum Masters who prefer to work remotely or are located in cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Pittsburgh or Atlanta, GA can expect an average salary of $127,139. However, it's worth noting that remote salaries may differ from traditional brick-and-mortar positions and could vary depending on a range of factors such as geographic location and experience level in product development. In general, Scrum Master make it well. They bring the key tools and resources to offer insights, efficiency, strategies, solutions and goals, they approach challenges and changes to optimize their strategy, processes and operations, and they make decisions to accomplish results with quality in many ways by building the best products and services.

It's almost like a game of Monopoly; some cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, or San Francisco, offer higher compensation while others like Atlanta, GA, Houston, or Chicago, WA don't. However, with remote work now more familiar than ever before, individuals won't need to limit themselves to just one location. They can virtually work in Miami in the morning, have lunch in Minneapolis, and finish the day's tasks while spending the evening in Philadelphia.

Now that we have looked at geographical differences, gauged from the tech ecosystems of Miami to Pittsburgh, let’s explore career progression and growth of salaries.

An experienced Scrum Master - typically someone with seven or more years of experience, possibly in the bustling tech environments of San Francisco, perhaps Austin, Minneapolis or even Atlanta, can expect to earn an average salary of $131,437 per year. In contrast, those with less than a year of experience can expect an average salary of roughly $72k, even if their location varies from Philadelphia to Orlando. This increases incrementally as experience is gained, potentially in the established tech hubs of Chicago or Los Angeles.

Career Progression and Growth of Salaries

The demand for Scrum Masters in tech-forward cities such as San Francisco, Austin, Houston, or even Orlando is on the rise due to companies increasingly adopting Agile methodologies across sectors ranging from healthcare to tech. This trend promises stable career growth and future prospects for aspiring Scrum Masters.

For instance, let’s say Emily begins her journey as a Junior Scrum Master in a dynamic tech environment like Atlanta, GA earning $68k per annum. Then, after proving her mettle, she may land a role in Philadelphia or Houston, earning $95k. After two more years of hard work acquiring professional certifications (such as Scrum Master Accredited Certification™ and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification™) and delivering successful projects, she receives promotions every couple of years-first to Senior Scrum Master, then Scrum Manager in a city like Los Angeles or Austin. Emily also receives a bonus for her stellar work, resulting in an average yearly salary of around $150k.

It's crucial to note that, irrespective of location - be it Chicago or San Francisco, Miami or Pittsburgh, professional training and certifications in product development can play a pivotal role in increasing salaries and career growth. By undertaking courses in Agile, earning a Scaled Scrum Expert Accredited Certification™, and acquiring training for leadership roles, individuals can significantly increase their value to organizations. Nevertheless, some experts argue that while certifications matter, they are not prerequisites to become successful as a Scrum Master in any city, whether it be Los Angeles, Atlanta, GA, or even places like New Jersey, Missouri, or South Carolina. Instead, they contend that experience and understanding systems of team dynamics, alongside keeping awareness of employee rights and wages, remain key drivers behind success and potential career advancement.

To sum it up about scrum master salaries: factors such as location, whether it's Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, experience, industry demands, and professional training in areas like product development all play crucial roles in determining salaries for Scrum Masters. It's like looking at a menu, where you have to understand all the choices available to make the best decision.

Scrum Masters are Agile project management professionals that help teams navigate the Scrum framework. They do this by facilitating communication, collaboration, and removing impediments within these systems to ensure that projects reach completion efficiently. While a four-year degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field is beneficial, it isn't always necessary to enter the field. A Scrum Master certification from a reputable organization such as International Scrum Institute™ shows employers in tech cities such as San Francisco, Austin, or Atlanta, GA that you’re committed to learning best practices, rights in the workplace and have a comprehensive understanding of Scrum methodology.

For instance, an individual who has completed their SMAC™ (Scrum Master Accredited Certification™) training and seeks employment in the tech hubs of Austin, will be better suited for an entry-level role than one without any credentials. However, investing in advanced certifications such as SLAC™ (Agile Scrum Leadership (Executive) Accredited Certification™) or evolving into roles such as SSEAC™ (Scaled Scrum Expert Accredited Certification) can often lead to better opportunities and wage advancement, not only in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, but also in other states like New Jersey, Missouri, or South Carolina.

Scrum Master Salary in the United States
Scrum Master Salary in the United States

Role of Professional Training

This analysis shows that the salary comparison range for Scrum Masters after successful training, certification and job interview, varies depending on several factors, including location. For instance, in major tech hubs like San Diego, you might find that salaries and wages are generally higher than in smaller cities due to the cost-of-living. These factors could also include industry, experience level and company size, among others. In addition to this, such salary info may be influenced by supply-demand imbalances - areas with few qualified Scrum Masters might pay handsomely to attract talents.

On our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, we regularly post content that provides a breakdown of how companies offer different levels of compensation packages with varying amounts of benefits and bonuses. It’s essential to note that salary is just one aspect of the total compensation package that includes perks like insurance benefits and 401k contributions.

Scrum Masters play a crucial role in Agile project management by facilitating communication, collaboration, and removing obstacles for teams. While having a four-year degree in a related field is advantageous, it is not always necessary to enter the field. Obtaining a Scrum Master certification from an established organization demonstrates dedication to learning best practices and a comprehensive understanding of Scrum methodology. Advanced certifications like Scrum Master Accredited Certification or transitioning into roles like Scaled Scrum Expert Agilist can open up more lucrative professional opportunities.

Factors Affecting Salaries of Scrum Masters

Think of compensations as a fancy menu with different options - your choice of perks and bonuses add flavor to your vanilla career-ice-cream. We encourage people to provide feedback on this analogy!

Experience level is another crucial factor affecting salaries. For example, an entry-level Scrum Master with a master's degree but no relevant experience may earn less than mid-career professionals who have an understanding of the complex systems and the wages loop. Individuals in senior leadership roles, such as Chief Scrum Master in states like New Jersey, Missouri, or South Carolina, could make even more.

Certifications also play a vital role in determining salaries. Scrum Master candidates without certification may not earn as much compared to those who hold various certifications. The right certification can be the key ingredient in tipping the scales in your favor during salary negotiations. In business contexts across the nation, even in regions like Alabama, employers tend to prefer candidates with valid certifications from accredited organizations like International Scrum Institute or SkillFront. This is because certified practitioners have demonstrated their knowledge of core concepts and competencies in Agile development and showcase commitment to continuous learning. These certifications open the way to more business relationships and customer engagement opportunities.

However, some argue that certification doesn't necessarily correlate fully with job performance. A certificate shows that an individual passed a standardized exam but doesn't demonstrate how well they can apply the methodology over time in different projects and environments. This maybe true, but this doesn't undermine the knowhow and value obtained from the learning experience during the certification process. Moreover, frameworks of understanding and negotiation skills are just as key in ensuring the success of working with customers. And, this can only be accomplished with the right experience and compensation.

In the next section, we'll delve into evaluating benefits and total compensation for Scrum Masters, welcoming your feedback on this process on our Linkedin, Facebook, CSM and PSM pages. We appreciate this interactive opportunity for constructive dialogue.

When considering salary ranges for Scrum Masters, it's crucial to evaluate the total compensation package offered. This includes benefits like healthcare, retirement contributions, paid time off, bonuses and other incentives that are part of the overall compensation. This way, potential employees get a clear view of how businesses structure their remuneration.

It's important to understand the total value of these offerings as they can add up to a significant amount and positively impact your financial security. For instance, employee healthcare contributions from the employer can save you thousands in medical expenses. Retirement contributions from the company can also significantly boost your savings leading up to retirement.

Evaluating Benefits and Total Compensation

A young professional (for instance a business analyst) deliberating between two offers from different companies may find that one employer offers higher base pay but doesn't offset any healthcare costs or provide retirement contributions. Consequently, the net amount earned may be lower than another offer with a lower base salary but better benefits. Smart negotiation tactics can help tip the scales in favor of the employee during such a decision-making process.

Furthermore, some employers offer perks beyond traditional benefits to attract top talent. These could include additional training opportunities or work-life balance initiatives. Such incentives not only enhance your employee experience but could also indirectly impact your income such as allowing for skill acquisition that leads to promotions or increased earnings.

Ultimately, evaluating the total compensation package on offer is an essential aspect of finding an ideal salary range as it has long-term implications beyond immediate earnings. This complete assessment, in addition to considering salary info, benefits, and real-world feedback from people in the field, helps ensure a thorough evaluation for future Scrum Masters. If you're an engineer specializing in android app design, it's worth conducting thorough research before signing any contracts, just like you would before launching an app to customers. With this knowledge, you're in a better position to ensure your business engagements are mutually beneficial.

Identifying an appropriate salary range, like engineering an app for android, is like building a house – It needs strong foundations (gross pay), topped on by a solid roof (benefits and incentives), which creates reliable shelter (total compensation). This takes into account not just a lump sum cash compensation, but a holistic view of how an engineer's work is rewarded. The business arena demands more than just skills, and understanding these dynamics helps pave the way to a successful career.

Yes, there are regional variations in Scrum Master salaries, just as there would be in android app design engineer salaries. For example, a design engineer in Silicon Valley might earn well over $100k in cash compensation, considering the cost of living and high demand for their skills. Salaries for such roles can vary based on factors such as cost of living, demand-supply dynamics, and local market conditions. It's important to note, these variations are not set in stone and can change over time.

Scrum Master Salary
Scrum Master Salary

Questions about Scrum Master Salary

Are there any regional variations in scrum master salaries?

The salary of a Scrum Master is influenced by several factors, comparable to an android app design engineer. According to recent surveys, those with specialized skills and considerable experience can command total compensation packages over $100k. The demand for such roles in technology companies tends to be higher, leading to potentially better compensation packages.

What factors influence the salary of a scrum master?

The salary of a Scrum Master typically falls within the range of other roles in the technology industry. For instance, a specialized android app engineer can also expect similar compensation. However, it's important to note that salaries can vary greatly depending on factors like experience, industry, and company size.

How does the salary of a scrum master compare to other roles in the technology industry?

Yes, certifications and additional qualifications can have an impact on a Scrum Master's salary, just as possessing specialized skills in android app design with a robust portfolio can significantly increase an engineer's cash compensation.

Are there any certifications or additional qualifications that can impact a scrum master's salary?

The expected salary growth trajectory for a Scrum Master over time is quite promising, similar to the opportunities for an android app design engineer. With the constant advancements in technology, the demand for proficient professionals is expected to rise. Hence, engineers well-versed in contemporary design skills, like android app development, can anticipate a steady increase in cash compensation and overall job prospects.

What is the expected salary growth trajectory for a scrum master over time?

The expected salary growth trajectory for a Scrum Master over time is quite promising. As organizations continue to embrace Agile methodologies, the demand for skilled Scrum Masters is expected to rise. According to recent statistics, the average annual salary for Scrum Masters has been steadily increasing over the past few years, with an estimated growth rate of around 5-10% per year. Additionally, as Scrum Masters gain more experience and certifications, they can expect higher salaries and better career opportunities within the field.

Are Scrum Masters highly paid?

The salary of a scrum master can vary depending on factors such as location, industry, industry, and level of experience. On average, a scrum master can expect to earn a competitive salary, often comparable to that of a project manager. The salary range for a scrum master can vary depending on factors such as industry, location, and experience. In some cases, highly skilled and experienced scrum masters can command even higher salaries.

What is the average salary for a scrum master in the United States?

In the world of project management, the salary of a scrum master can be quite competitive compared to that of a project manager. While project managers typically command higher salaries due to their broader responsibilities and leadership roles, scrum masters can still earn a substantial salary compared to other positions in the software development industry. Factors such as experience, location, and company size can also influence the amount a scrum master can earn.

How much does a scrum master make per year?

The average scrum master salary can still be quite lucrative, with professionals earning around $80,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on factors such as their level of experience, the industry they work in, and the location of their job. Scrum masters with several years of experience and certifications like the Scrum Master Accredited Certification™ and Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification™ can command higher salaries in the field. Additionally, the demand for skilled scrum masters is expected to rise in the coming years, further driving up the average salary in the industry.

What is the average salary for a scrum master in the United States and other countries globally?

As organizations increasingly adopt agile methodologies to enhance their project management and product development processes, the demand for skilled Scrum Masters has surged globally. To provide a snapshot, let's explore the average Scrum Master salaries globally their local currencies and approximate USD Equivalent. (Exchange rates can vary, and the values provided here serve an indicative purpose.)

CountryAverage Yearly Scrum Master SalaryUSD Equivalent (Approx.)
Argentina2,000,000 ARS$21,000 USD
Australia110,000 AUD$82,000 USD
Belgium65,000 EUR$72,000 USD
Brazil120,000 BRL$24,000 USD
Cameroon15,000,000 XAF$27,000 USD
Canada85,000 CAD$67,000 USD
Chile20,000,000 CLP$28,000 USD
China200,000 CNY$31,000 USD
Colombia80,000,000 COP$22,000 USD
Costa Rica2,500,000 CRC$4,000 USD
Dominican Republic800,000 DOP$14,000 USD
Ecuador30,000 USD$30,000 USD
Egypt150,000 EGP$9,500 USD
France65,000 EUR$72,000 USD
Germany65,000 EUR$72,000 USD
Greece30,000 EUR$33,000 USD
Guatemala100,000 GTQ$13,000 USD
Hong Kong350,000 HKD$45,000 USD
Hungary4,000,000 HUF$14,000 USD
India1,200,000 INR$16,000 USD
Indonesia240,000,000 IDR$17,000 USD
Ireland60,000 EUR$66,000 USD
Italy45,000 EUR$50,000 USD
Kenya2,000,000 KES$18,000 USD
Kuwait10,000 KWD$33,000 USD
Malaysia60,000 MYR$15,000 USD
Mexico1,200,000 MXN$60,000 USD
Morocco120,000 MAD$13,000 USD
Netherlands60,000 EUR$66,000 USD
Nigeria6,000,000 NGN$15,000 USD
Pakistan2,000,000 PKR$12,000 USD
Panama50,000 PAB$50,000 USD
Peru80,000 PEN$22,000 USD
Philippines800,000 PHP$16,000 USD
Poland15,000 PLN$4,000 USD
Portugal35,000 EUR$39,000 USD
Romania15,000 RON$3,000 USD
Russia2,500,000 RUB$33,000 USD
Saudi Arabia120,000 SAR$32,000 USD
Singapore80,000 SGD$60,000 USD
South Africa500,000 ZAR$34,000 USD
Spain45,000 EUR$50,000 USD
Sweden600,000 SEK$66,000 USD
Switzerland120,000 CHF$140,000 USD
Taiwan800,000 TWD$28,000 USD
Turkey600,000 TRY$20,000 USD
Ukraine800,000 UAH$30,000 USD
United Arab Emirates200,000 AED$54,000 USD
United Kingdom50,000 GBP$65,000 USD
United States113,000 USD$113,000 USD
Vietnam500,000 VND$22,000 USD

Recap about Scrum Master Salary and Total Compensation

According to recent reports, the average salary for a Scrum Master is around $113,000 per year. However, it is important to note that this figure can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the organization.

Here are some key statistics about Scrum Master Salary in the US:

  • In addition to the base salary, many Scrum Masters also receive additional benefits and bonuses, contributing to their total compensation. These perks may include health insurance, retirement plans, and performance-based incentives. On average, the total compensation package for a Scrum Master can range from $120,000 to $140,000 annually.
  • Experience plays a crucial role in determining a Scrum Master's earning potential. Those with several years of hands-on experience in implementing Agile methodologies and facilitating successful Scrum practices tend to command higher salaries. Senior Scrum Masters or those with specialized certifications such as Scrum Master Accredited Certification™ often earn above the average range, with some surpassing the $150,000 mark in total compensation.
  • Location is another significant factor influencing Scrum Master salaries. Metropolises and tech hubs with a high demand for Agile professionals generally offer higher pay to attract and retain top talent. For instance, cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York consistently report higher-than-average salaries for Scrum Masters, often exceeding the national average by 15% to 20%.
  • Organizational size also contributes to salary discrepancies among Scrum Masters. Larger enterprises, especially those in industries like finance and technology, are inclined to offer more competitive compensation packages compared to smaller organizations. This trend reflects the increasing recognition of the pivotal role Scrum Masters play in ensuring efficient project delivery and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

In conclusion, the Scrum Master's salary landscape is dynamic, influenced by various factors such as experience, location, and organizational size. As Agile methodologies continue to gain prominence across industries, the demand for skilled Scrum Masters is expected to rise, potentially leading to further adjustments in compensation structures.

Keep in mind that these figures are based on current market trends and are subject to change as the industry evolves.

Thank you very much for reading and all the best in your career; hopefully with an awesome salary as an efficient and successful Scrum Master!

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International Scrum Institute™, 05 January 2022
Success in Business Perspective on Opportunities Needs of Others instead of Yours

Hi there, Have you ever wondered why only too few people are successful? Many people work hard, they constantly chase for opportunities but still they have to spend and finish their careers with unsubstantial results. This is sad, so is the truth.

Like unsuccessful people, successful people chase for opportunities too, but what makes success scarce whereas mediocrity is abundant in professional careers?

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A Super-Fast Way to 2x Your Professional Value...

International Scrum Institute™, 14 October 2021
Professional Value Development Learning

Hi there, I love that you're here because one of my favourite things to do is take a smart professional and lifetime student like yourself and make you become even more successful.

It's something that I practice in my own career, of course, but I love helping others too.

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Are You Looking For PDUs? You Shouldn't!

International Scrum Institute™, 8 November 2021
PDU Lock-In Business Model Lock-In Free Education Degrees

Hi there, I hope I found you well and healthy. I am writing you about a subject that I was thinking since long time to write about it. Today is the day. :)

Are you looking for PDUs (Professional Development Units) to get or maintain a degree?

You shouldn't. Here is why? Because PDU is a byproduct of Lock-In Business Model, and this business model badly takes advantage of students.

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Scrum Facilitator: Best Scrum Master Facilitation Skills

International Scrum Institute™, 08 February 2024
Scrum Facilitator Scrum Master as a Facilitator Scrum Facilitation Role

A Scrum Facilitator is like a coach who guides and helps the team follow Agile practices, much like helping a football team adhere to their game plan. The Scrum Master, meanwhile, is more of a team captain—spearheading the process and helping deliver the end product efficiently.

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12 Technological Forces that Shape Your Future - Real and already Emerging

International Scrum Institute™, 17 September 2021
Your Future with Technology Technological Forces Technological Trends

You are moving from the world of fixed nouns towards a world of fluid verbs. Within the next years you will continue taking solid things -such as a car or a jacket- and turning them into intangible verbs. Your products are becoming your services and processes. With high doses of built-in technology, your car is becoming a service, continuously updated set of benefits adapting to your own usage and feedback, fierce competition and global innovation.

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10 Tips to get the Best out of Your Daily Scrum Meetings

Our Guest Blogger - Nirav Patel (RapidOps Solutions) , 29 August 2021
Daily Scrum Daily Scrum Meeting Agile Scrum Team Work

The term ‘Meeting’ brings to our mind an atmosphere where a group of people are sitting together to discuss serious issues: Some sitting bored and uninterested; some staring blankly trying hard to get a grasp of what are being discussed; and still some aggressively trying to prove their point. However, with changing times and methodologies, with pressure to meet deadlines, with time constraints, with increasing competition and with the need to stay a step ahead, there arose a new face of meetings- ‘The Scrum Meetings’ or more commonly known as ‘The Daily Scrum Meetings’.

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What Does it Take to be a Software Tester in an Agile Organisation?

Our Guest Blogger - NPAW (Nice People At Work) , 21 July 2021
Software Testing Testing in Agile Scrum QA in Agile Scrum

There is so much more to be a software tester than merely logging bugs and testing to identify errors. There are inspiring examples of Agile working environments. Software testers have there the privilege to work as part of development teams which are like working on a movie set with the writers and producers. The testers work with everyone on the team, from the Junior Programmers to the Senior Project Leaders and inventors to continuously improve and build quality into the products and services.

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A Comprehensive List of Business Models To Accelerate You and Your Business

International Scrum Institute™, 01 June 2021
Business Model Business Innovation Checklist for Business Design

Are you good at business models?
Of course you are. We know all about business models, don’t we?

A lifetime as a consumer and almost a lifetime as a professional we all believe that we are well proficient in business models. We don’t hesitate more than a second to give our opinion if a business idea will work or not. And we are very generous to give our feedback how a company can perform better. But do we really have enough insights about business models?

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How Do You Sell Agile Scrum Adoption in Your Organisation?

International Scrum Institute™, 13 May 2021
Scrum Adoption Scrum Change Management Scrum for Big Corporations

Our typical approach is to present organisational and moral benefits of Agile Scrum. How instantly Agility would enhance our teams and excel the interactions within our organisation and with our client ecosystem. How wonderfully our companies would serve customer-oriented products and services.

Is this really the correct approach? Is it better to highlight benefits of adopting Agile Scrum or the cost of not adopting?

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Two Facts You Wanted To Know About the Revamp of

International Scrum Institute™, 04 May 2020
International Scrum Institute™ UI Design Revamp Enhanced User Experience

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For the last few weeks we worked hard for you to make this revamp happen. If you are curious to know how International Scrum Institute™ uses Scrum, here are two simple facts for you which may be also a benchmark for your own agile delivery projects.

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Should Scrum Masters Be Team Managers?

International Scrum Institute™, December, 17th 2023
Scrum Master Scrum Team Manager Scrum Team Leader

Dear Reader, Have you ever paused to ponder: Should a Scrum Master be a team manager? This question might stir some discomfort, challenging the conventional belief that the two roles should be separate. But why have we always stood by the notion that a Scrum Master shouldn't wear the manager's hat?

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