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Planning Sprints For Different Phases Of Product Development

Author: Albert Christof

Published on: December 08th, 2021 at 5:33

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Hello All,

I'm new to the domain of agile/scrum world and need some guidance on few general queries related to setting up a scrum oriented workflow to drive and deliver projects.

Scenario - Team has to work upon and deliver multiple automation related projects, covering the traditional phases like plan >> build/develop >> test/qa >> release. Based on business priority and complexity some products may get released sooner than others.

Q1 # How do I define sprints to cover different phases of product lifecycle ? Should it be separate sprints for each lifecycle stage or common sprints with standard duration of 2 or 3 weeks, but stories should be clearly flagged based on the phase it belongs. I'm more inclined to second option as having seperate sprints for each stage may not fully and optimally utilize the capacity and capability of the team.

Q2 # In continuation of above query, if stories from these different phases of development cycle are driven in common sprints, how to categorise them on Jira tool, since I will like to report on how many stories are defined for each stage of each product and how things are progressing for each product

Q3 # Can stories of multiple projects be driven is common sprint ?

Q4 # With different products having different delivery timelines, how to plan release sprints or should I use a common retro meeting to release products as and when they are ready ?

Looking for kind guidance on above queries.

Thank You,


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