Scrum Certification Validation Tool for Employers

Based on the requests we received from the industry, International Scrum Institute™ has introduced your Scrum Certification Validation Tool. Your Scrum Certification Validation Tool can be used by employers, clients and other stakeholders to validate the authenticity of your Scrum Certifications they have received from you or from other third parties.

Into the below form please enter your 14 Digit Authorized Certification ID located on your Accredited Scrum Certification issued by International Scrum Institute™ and then press the "Retrieve Scrum Certification" button to see the details of the Scrum Certification you are looking for.

Authorized Certification ID: 82371905042789
Certification Type: Scrum Master Accredited Certification™
Lastname: Humpolec
Firstname: Pavel
Country: Czech Republic
Certificate Issue Date: 17 May 2016
Certificate Validity Period: Lifetime
Certificate Validity Area: All Countries

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